1.1. I reserve the right to post the commissioned artwork on my social media, unless stated otherwise in the request, an additional privacy fee may incur.
(works containing personal/private informations, will have their informations be replaced by fictive places/names)

1.2. I reserve the right to reuse sketches and design elements that were rejected for other commissions or personal works.

1.3. I am allowed to decline any commission requests, if I see I won't be able to work on your request.

1.4. Rush commission, depending on the commission, will result in +50% to 100% of additional fees

1.5. Any previously discussed add-ons from past commissions will  be priced at the same rate as prior to any adjustments in pricing.
05-2022/04-2023 prices

1.6. Waitlist: Anyone who were on the waitlist prior to any pricing changes will be charged at the rate that was in effect on the day they joined the waitlist.


2.1. Commercial added fees:
With commercial use prices, added fees maybe be added depending on your business size:
Small businesses/Individual: Base price (no additional percentage added)
Medium-sized businesses: 10% to 30% to the base price
Large businesses: 30% to 60% to the base price
Enterprise clients: 60% to 100% (or more) to the base price

2.2. Personal commission:
You are allow to repost the commission on social media as long as you include credit.
May only be, distribute, share, print, resize or crop to create icons, wallpapers, or other graphics to be used in non-commercial digital and physical format.

2.3. Commercial commission: Prints, merch...
You are allow to repost the commission on social media as long as you include credit. You are free to edit (as you wish), sell prints, merch, make advertisement using the artwork however you like without needing of my approval as long as you also credit me for the artwork.

2.4. Fanart request (Shows, anime, game, public personnality...):
Will be regarded as personal use commission and will be re-use by me for prints and merchandising.
(Does not concern OCs)


3.1. I will send you an invoice before the start of the commission unless it's a Pixiv art request.

3.2. Prices are in EURO, please check the prices on your own currency before sending a request.

3.3. Payment can be through Paypal or Stripe and must be received before I start the commission.

3.4. Payment can be full payment or half-upfront/half-after. Long commission including many different options or exceeding 500€ can be cut in 3x payments.

3.5. Any edit after the last stage or delivery of the artwork/graphics will cost additional fees.


4.1. If you wish to cancel your commission before I start, you will be fully refund.

4.2. If you wish to cancel your commission during the sketch/lineart/first step stage you will be refunded 55%-75% of the piece price.

4.3. If you wish to cancel your commission during the coloring/last step stage, there will be no refund.

4.4. You’ll receive a full refund if for any unjustifcable reasons, I’m unable to finish the commission.

4.5.I reserve the right to interpret payment + non-communication for 30 days following a stage of the work as cancellation of the commission. You will be refunded 20%-75% of the piece price depending on the stage of work.

4.6. I reserve the right to interpret non-payment + non-communication for 30 days following completion of the work as the customer’s resignation of any and all claims, rights, and/or interest in the work, at which point, I retains full and exclusive ownership of the work.
The work may then be auctioned, resold, modified, destroyed or otherwise disposed at my sole discretion.
(OCs will be modified)

Once you decide to commission me, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated above.
If you feel confused about anything in the terms, feel free to ask me more precisions.